I'm A Unicorn With One Red Wing Activities

These printable activities are both fun and engaging. As children participate in these activities, they’ll discover a deeper connection to the book’s narrative, fostering a sense of wonder and connectivity that encourages them to explore the story’s message and lessons. They also cultivate valuable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. There’s something here to captivate every young heart and mind!

Book Activities

Coloring Page

Activity: Coloring Page

This Be Kind coloring page of Molly, the leading book character, will help you emphasize the importance of kindness in your classroom, or at home!

True False

Activity: True or False

This true or false worksheet gives an excellent comprehension practice as kids must read and evaluate sentences based on the story.


Activity: Vocabulary

This vocabulary worksheet will help to expand a child’s vocabulary with complex words pulled directly from the story.


Activity: Alphabet Decoder

This alphabet decoding activity is a challenging and fun way to uncover feelings related to the story. Use the letterbox to complete each of the five words.

Word Search

Activity: Word Search

This fun word search has twelve meaningful keywords related to the story. All words can be found either horizontal or vertical. (There are no diagonal or backward words.)

Sentence Sort

Activity: Sentence Sort

This sentence sort activity helps to ensure a clear understanding about the actions of kindness vs. bullying, as students will sort the sentences into the correct category.


Activity: Self-Love

This “I love ME because…” worksheet is an effective way to help a child build their self-esteem and confidence, by reflecting and recognizing the best parts of themselves and writing those positive affirmations in each of the five hearts.