Molly goes to the Ranch

My family and I love being residents of Oviedo, Florida which is known for its beautiful farmland and ranches. I was driving the back roads one day and passed properties with white horses roaming free. I instantly thought of my main book character Molly and envisioned her there! So, what do you think I did next?

Cheyne Ranch Reading with Molly
I'm a Unicorn with One Red Wing
2 kids with a bully unicorn at the reading of Molly's the unicorn's story
Author carolyn izzo with child at a reading of im a unicorn with one red wing at Cheyne Ranch

Yep, I called the ranches, explained the premise of my book, and asked if I could dress up their white horses to look like Molly. I rambled on about my vision of bringing the community together to hear the story, talk about the importance of kindness, and have kids meet Molly in person! Lo and behold, they said yes!  It was a pinch-me moment to partner with 2 incredible local ranches: the infamous Cheyne Ranch, and the notorious Horsepower Ranch, to bring this vision to life.

To watch kids excited to hang out with Molly up close and want to get their picture taken with her, was magical. Molly has blue hair, she only has one wing, she looks different than everybody else, and she can’t fly like the others either. By the end of the story, these kids felt compassion, empathy, and understanding, for someone that looked… different. We ended by repeating the following, which included hand motions:

love yourself, be a friend, and stay kind.

Reading event of i'm a unicorn with one red wing at the horse power ranch in Geneva
Horsepower ranch and reading of I'm a Unicorn with one red wing
Hanging with Molly the unicorn at Cheyne ranch
Kids with Molly at Cheyne ranch for reading of im a unicorn with one red wing
Carolyn reading to group of students

Molly Goes To School

I had my first experience visiting a few different schools recently and reading my book!

No matter if it’s a large group or a classroom setting, the kids were really engaged in the story, but also receptive to a conversation about bullying and ways to be kind.

We also paused to look around the room and notice how cool it is that everyone around us looks different! 

We ended with the kids repeating the following: love yourself, be a friend, and stay kind. 

Carolyn reading in class


If you’d like to book me for a reading at your school, please contact me below.